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Vocal Teaching, Consulting, Coaching, and Producing

I am a professional opera singer with over twenty years of performing experience Internationally. I have experience performing on some of the world’s top stages, teaching, coaching, consulting, being a celebrity judge, and producing International Projects and Recordings. I am pursuing my MBA/MA in Music Business at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Berklee College of Music has allowed me to broaden my music business skills to help all my clients with their overall “package and brand.” We concentrate on building a solid, holistic technique( I am also a Reiki Master) and continue on the path of each artist’s unique talents that leads to a successful, well-planned career in all genres of music. My work at Berklee College of Music allows me to learn from the best in the music industry in jazz, pop, rock, classical, musical theater, cantorial music, country, etc.

I can help bring out the best in your music and artistry and support you through your performances, recording, photo/video shoots, and auditions. I love working with young, talented performers of all musical genres. When working with my clients, you will achieve in your singing passion, focused energy, clarity, and precision. My experience in bodywork training, such as the Alexander Technique, Reiki, and extensive training in acting and movement/dance, is all part of the sessions. For the past twenty years, from NYC to Berlin, Germany, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the finest international coaches, voice teachers, producers, and internationally renowned singers. My clients range from beginners to internationally active singers of all voice types in every genre of music. Many perform/work at houses such as the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Berliner Staatsoper, Wiener Staatsoper, the Paris Opera, La Scala, MET, Broadway, television, and film.

I have a holistic (Reiki Masters) approach to a vocal technique based upon the classic Italian Bel Canto School of singing. I focus on clear vowels and healthy sound production from solid body support and breathing techniques. Finding support connects one to resonance with a free and engaged body. I utilize and incorporate my vocal training from all my voice teachers, Antonietta Stella, Licia Albanese, Josepha Gayer, Mignon Dunn, Bill Schumann, Ted Puffer, and most importantly, my mentor and teacher for the last twenty years, the amazing Ira Siff (Metropolitan Opera Commentator Weekly Broadcasts). I have found that following the technical principles I have learned in my development as a performer, allows me to encourage each artist’s voice to produce a natural, beautiful vocal production in different genres and styles. I have a strong passion for all types of music and a unique personal teaching style; I aim to guide my clients to interpret their music and artistry in a musically unique, technically optimal, dramatically connected, and spirited way. We build your technique and work towards your career goals together.

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